Top 3 Ideas for Desert Landscaping

A line of barrel cacti in a desert landscaping design

The desert can sometimes have a poor reputation when it comes to landscape design. Many people assume that it will be hard to create a beautiful yard that incorporates a desert theme. While this type of design requires more ingenuity and creativity than traditional green grass lawns, the truth is that desert landscaping can be absolutely gorgeous when done right.

If you are looking to create an enviable landscape design in the Arizona desert, here are three ideas to help you out:

1. Xeriscaping

You will see the term “xeriscaping” quite a bit if you are researching tips for desert landscaping. This is a subtype of landscaping that attempts to reduce the amount of water you need to use to maintain your yard. It makes sense that in a desert with a shortage of water, you want to reduce water usage as much as possible.

While xeriscaping means you won’t have a traditional grass lawn, the minimalist landscape design of xeriscaping can be very beautiful. Most of these designs include a base of pebbles with desert plants such as cacti as accents. These designs can also use smalls amounts of artificial grass for color.

2. Rock Features

One of the staples of desert landscaping is the use of rocks and pebbles to create gorgeous designs. Rocks don’t require water or heavy maintenance in the same way that grass lawns do, making them a great choice in the desert. Generally, all the maintenance you need is regular weeding. 

There are multiple options for lovely rock features. One popular option is incorporating a pathway of stepping stones. This makes your backyard feel peaceful and calm while making it easier to walk across. You can pair this with a dry riverbed, which is another commonly used desert landscaping feature.

3. Pops of Color

You can take your landscape design to the next level by utilizing strategic pops of color. The best bet is to stick to native desert plants to keep your water use low. Here are just a few beautiful, drought-resistant wildflowers you can use:

  • Desert Sage. This flower is a lovely purple/blue color. It is durable enough to survive in the arid soil of Arizona.
  • California Poppy. These bright orange flowers are easy to grow and very common throughout the desert.
  • Flaming Katy. This type of plant grows gorgeous bright red flowers when in bloom.
  • Desert Marigold. Another very common desert wildflower, these plants are easy to grow and have a vibrant yellow color.
  • Winecup. This is another purple flower and is known to be very drought resistant.

You can combine these flowers with cacti and rock to create a dynamic desert landscaping design.

Of course, design decisions aren’t the only challenge when it comes to desert landscaping. Weeding your rock features, maintaining plants, and installing your initial design are all made harder by the desert heat.

If you don’t want to go out in the Tucson summer to complete your own desert landscaping, TrueClean is here to help. We are experts in creating and maintaining gorgeous desert landscaping. Call us today at 520.771.9705 and see how we can help you.