The Best Tricks for

Window Cleaning

A squeegee being used for window cleaning

Keeping up with window cleaning can be exhausting. You can scrub and wipe all day and still not get rid of all the smudges and streaks. In addition, no matter how clean you manage to get your windows, they never seem to stay that way for long.

To help you make your windows look spotless, here are our best tricks:

Clean on Cloudy Days

Cleaning in the scorching sun will wear you out quickly. Luckily, the best days for window cleaning are actually the cloudy ones. Sunny days are usually very hot, especially in Tucson. This heat will quickly dry out the liquid window cleaner you use, leading to dirty streaks that make your window look even worse than it did before. When you clean on a cloudy day you not only save your own energy, but also can reduce the amount of streaking on your windows.

Switch Window Scrubbers

When you’re cleaning a window, your scrubber collects the dirt and dust that was on the glass. Once this accumulates past a certain point, the clean scrubber becomes a dirty one. Instead of removing filth, it will spread it around the areas you’re trying to clean. The best method to avoid this is to make sure you are switching your scrubbers regularly. Whether you are using a scrubber or a towel, you will get the best results by switching to a clean one every so often.

Try Vinegar for Window Cleaning

Buying a chemical window cleaner may seem like a good choice, since these are marketed as being made specifically for window washing. However, there is something much more qualified to get the job done and it is probably in your home already. Vinegar is strongly acidic and therefore able to break down and remove even the worst spots and stains. The best part about it, especially for windows, is that it does not create streaks. Vinegar is very strong when used alone, so it is important to remember to dilute it with some water before you use it to clean. The mixture we use is one part hot water with one part vinegar. This window cleaning trick makes your windows sparkling clean without using standard window cleaners that often contain harmful chemicals.

Little Tips to Help Your Windows Sparkle

These are some extra little tips to keep in mind to help you with the cleaning process. One is to swipe and scrub in the opposing directions on either side of the windows. On the outside, you would scrub up and down. Inside, you would scrub side to side. This allows you to clearly see which side needs extra attention if there are any streaks after you finish cleaning. Another tip is to make sure you are protecting your walls and floors from excess window cleaner and/or grime. Laying out a towel first makes it easier to prevent another cleaning problem that you will need to deal with after you finish your windows.

Hire a Professional

Window Cleaning


While all of these tips and tricks can help you make cleaning your windows easier, the best thing you can do to avoid the hassle is hiring a professional window cleaning service such as TrueClean. We know all of these tricks and more. You can sit and relax while we make sure your windows are spotless.

Call us today for a free estimate for our residential and commercial window cleaning services.