Top 3 Dirtiest Places in Your Home That May Need

Professional Cleaning

A home looking spotless after professional cleaning serivces

You want to keep your home looking its best, but inevitably we all skip over certain areas. Since you may not be as experienced as the maids for a cleaning service, you might not have the tools or expertise to keep up with every tiny detail. These three areas in your home are dirtier than you realize and might be the most in need of TrueClean’s professional cleaning services. Our clients highly recommend our fantastic customer service. When you hire us, you will know that even these 3 dirtiest areas in your home will be spotless!

Kitchen Sink

Microbiology experts say there are more E. coli bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your toilet bowl. While you almost certainly use heavy-duty cleaners in your bathroom, you may be neglecting your kitchen. Using a weak cleaner won’t kill all the harmful bacteria. A cleaner specifically made for use in the kitchen will help, but it can be impossible to find time in your busy schedule to deep clean.

Luckily, TrueClean’s professional house cleaning services can help! If you are worried that you won’t be able to get all of the germs out of your kitchen sink, cleaning services are a fantastic option. Our maids and cleaners are experienced and efficient. You will not have to wonder whether your kitchen sink is teeming with harmful bacteria.


A large portion of your living space may be carpeted. It is estimated that a carpet can hold eight times its weight in dust. That’s a lot of dirt that you don’t think about! And if you have a pet in the house, the amount of allergens is staggering. A cat can track litter through your carpet or roll around and spread invisible dander and fur, and dogs also shed and bring in dirt. Even a vacuum cleaner won’t completely remove these allergens.

You don’t always notice this in your day-to-day life. However, if friends and family visit you can be certain they will, especially if they are allergic to your pet! If you don’t want your mother-in-law sneezing through her visit, carpets are another great reason to hire professional cleaning services. When standard cleaning won’t quite do the trick, our cleaning services will ensure your carpet is allergen-free.


One of the best ways to make your home feel welcoming is to open up your blinds and let in the sunlight. However, this will have the opposite effect if your windows are dirty. An ammonia-based window cleaner works decently but can leave streaks on your windows that almost look worse than the dirt. And if you have second story windows, you won’t be able to reach the outside for a thorough window cleaning.

Yet again, our cleaning services can help with this problem. If you want your windows sparkling clean for a special occasion, a professional house cleaning service can provide a complete window washing, and will be able to reach the outside of upper story windows. There’s no better way to get your windows the cleanest they have ever been.

Do You Need Professional Cleaning?

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While professional home cleaning services are not an everyday need, sometimes you want to know for sure that your house is as clean as it can possibly be. This is especially true for the areas of our homes we may not clean quite as well as we should, such as these 3 dirtiest areas. With a professional cleaner, these spaces and the rest of your home will be fresh and clean.

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