Design Ideas for

Landscaping Rocks

Small gray landscaping rocks

High temperatures and droughts make it difficult to maintain many types of traditional yards. As a result, many homeowners use landscaping rocks to create gorgeous, low-maintenance designs. Decorative rocks do not require water and usually do not need any maintenance beyond occasional weeding. They are also relatively low-cost. These landscaping materials give you the option to create a design that is unique to your backyard.

Here are just a few backyard design ideas using landscaping rocks:


Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping the reduces your water use as much as possible and uses a minimalist design. Landscaping rocks are a very common feature in this type of design since they do not require any water. One common xeriscape is a rock garden. This is not full of plants like a traditional garden, but usually includes a base of pebbles with different sizes of large landscaping rocks.

You can also use rocks to create a border for a garden of desert plants such as cacti or desert wildflowers. Many people choose to use a pebble base for xeriscape gardens along with small landscaping rocks for the border. You can customize the shape and size of this garden. This is closer to a traditional garden but still uses minimal water.

Dry Riverbed

You will likely see many backyards make use of this landscaping design. To create this, the surrounding area will include dirt or small landscaping rocks. Then, you lay a path of larger river rocks in a line that looks like a riverbed. You can wind this around your backyard or confine it to one area. You can also use this as a border for a xeriscape garden if you prefer.

When you create a dry riverbed, you can also customize the size and color of the rocks you use for a truly unique design. Some people, for example, choose larger and more jagged rocks. Others prefer pebbles for their riverbed. You can even find landscaping rocks in different colors such as blue or red.

Landscaping Rocks with Stepping Stones

If you use landscaping rocks for the majority of your backyard, you may want to add stepping stones to make it easier to walk around. These give your yard a tranquil atmosphere. It is also a practical option so you don’t have to struggle to get around or walk over sharper rocks. You can even add stepping stones into a dry riverbed design, either to suggest a bridge or moving along the inside of the river.

When you add stepping stones, you have a few different options. You can choose round and flat landscaping rocks for a more natural feel, or you can add square cement stepping stones or tiles with custom designs. Whatever you choose, you can make sure it reflects the ambiance you want your home to have.

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Landscaping Rock Maintenance

Once you decide how to use landscaping rocks and other materials in your backyard design, you then need to do the heavy lifting and hard work. This can be difficult in the Arizona heat, especially if you have larger or heavier rocks. At TrueClean, we can help you. Our team will complete your landscape design to your exact specifications. We can also weed, clean, and maintain your yard.

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