The Best Plants for Your

Desert Landscape

A group of plants that grow well in a desert landscape

Arizona is not all brown desert and dust. There are many beautiful native plants that grow in well in a desert landscape and can add bursts of color to your yard. Desert gardeners and landscapers alike choose plants that are drought-tolerant, native to the area, and add variety.

Here are just a few plants that are great for landscaping in Tucson:

Golden barrel cacti in a desert backyard

Golden Barrel Cactus

If you have spent time exploring Arizona and its desert landscape, then a golden barrel cactus should be familiar to you. Shaped similar to a ball that is attached to the ground, this round, green cactus has thick yellow spikes lining its outside. Typically found in groups, this cactus can be a great addition to your front or back yard. Small and simple, a few of these yellow and green spheres may be exactly what you need to pull your landscape design together.

Fox tail agave, a common plant for landscaping

Fox Tail Agave

This desert plant can easily be spotted as you drive through Tucson. With its long and sharp-pointed leaves that curve outwards, this plant adds green color and a feeling of life to the Arizona desert. It is large enough to stand out without taking up all of your space. This plant will catch the eye of everyone who sees it. Since it is a common desert plant, having the Fox Tail Agave in your landscape is sure to bring your desert look together.

Bourgainvillea, a beautiful pink/purple flower for your front or back yard


Bougainvillea can give your desert landscape the bright colors you desire. This plant has an expansive array of green leaves and stems covered with flowers that are a mix of pink and purple. Its bright color is sure to stand out and this plant is well-suited to hotter climates.

Yellow Bell, a beautiful flower for desert landscaping

Yellow Bells

The bright petals of Yellow Bells complement the golden barrel cactus’s yellow spikes perfectly. When you put these two desert plants close together, the subtle yellow spikes of the cactus will be highlighted by the Yellow Bells. You will be able to see hints of yellow throughout your landscape that tie the variety of colors together.

Red Bird of Paradise, a tropical-looking flower that grows well in the Arizona desert

Red Bird of Paradise

A plant that is rarely associated with the Arizona desert is the Red Bird of Paradise. With compound leaves and flowers of red and orange that rise up and stand tall, this plant looks like it belongs in a more tropical setting. However, the Red Bird of Paradise is one of the most common features of Arizona’s scenery. It will take up a great amount of space and add brilliant color to your yard.

Maintaining Your Desert Landscape

Once you design your yard, you will need to maintain it to keep it looking perfect. Even with drought-resistant desert plants, trimming, weeding, and other landscaping tasks can take up a lot of your time. TrueClean can help.

We take care of your landscaping so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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