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Desert Landscaping

A home in Tucson with beautiful desert landscaping

Creating a Beautiful Desert Landscape

When looking out at your backyard or patio area you may find yourself thinking that the landscaping is somewhat lacking. Just because you are in the desert does not mean you can’t create a beautiful landscape for your home. There are many easy and fun options for creating your ideal landscape. When coming up with desert landscaping ideas it is important to keep in mind the traits of our biome. Stick to plants that do not need as much water. Think about the soil, your planting containers, and the fact that grass is more than likely too expensive and hard to maintain.

Desert Plants

When it comes to the types of plants for your landscape, it is important to choose plants with similar water needs as the native plants of the desert. This will help you maintain your landscape easily since they all need close to the same amount of water. If you are mixing plants with different water needs, it is more challenging to keep up with your landscaping.

When you are looking at plants it is also important to be creative. Don’t be afraid of color! Mixing different colors will give your landscape more personality and helps it reflect yourself and your home. Many desert plants come in many different colors and shapes that will make your landscape pleasing to the eye while at the same time as being low maintenance.

Succulents and cacti come in many different shapes and sizes. It is fun to experiment with plants that are different heights to add variety and substance to your landscape design. Taller cactus come in prices for everyone’s budget. Cacti are low maintenance plants that will require little work to keep your landscape reflecting beautifully on your home at all times of the year.

Aside from succulents and cacti, finding the type of trees that work for your landscape is important and will add much to the overall look of your landscape. When considering what type of trees to plant you must consider the space. You want to choose a type of tree that will grow into the area that you want to fill.

If you have a pool or other water feature in your home it is important to choose a type of tree that does not lose too many of its leaves, pods, or flowers. This will minimize the amount of debris that will end up in your pool, saving you maintenance work. When it comes to choosing trees for your desert landscape, trees that lose their leaves in the winter is ideal. When the trees lose their leaves in the winter it will let in more sunlight on your landscape keeping it warmer and keeping your other plants happy.

We Can Help With Your Desert Landscaping

When it comes to maintaining your landscape it is important to have someone that cares as much as you do to help you out. TrueClean offers many different services to help you keep your landscape looking gorgeous all year round and keep your gardening stress free. Everyone can afford to have a beautiful landscape that reflects the beauty of their home.

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