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Here at TrueClean, we strive to deliver the highest quality landscaping services to your home and commercial properties. We offer services including tree trimming, weed removal, and maintaining your yard as if it were our own. The maintenance of your outside space is just as vital as the inside of your home. First impressions are important for any home or business, so you want to make sure it always looks in tip-top shape.

You can put your trust in us that our landscaping services will meet all of your needs. The Arizona heat is tough to work with; not many people want to spend their days off pulling weeds and doing lawn work. When you hire TrueClean, we will gladly do all the work for you with professionalism and care. That is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and you can spend your afternoon sipping on an iced tea in your air-conditioned home.

Challenges of Landscaping in Tucson

  • Heat: No one wants to do yard care under Tucson’s unbearable heat. Tucson can reach temperatures of over 115 degrees in the summer and that can put a damper on your weekends. TrueClean will make sure the heat doesn’t stop you from making your home or business look the best it can.
  • Terrain: The rough, dry terrain in the area can prove challenging for most people to do their own lawn work. Small pebbles make weeding difficult and can also cause an eyesore for your sidewalks. With its rocky terrain, the hills of Tucson can be difficult to maneuver through without a team, so let us help!
  • Time: Landscaping can take up a good chunk of your day if you are very thorough. In the Tucson heat, lawn care can take even more time if you fail to start early on in the day. Additionally, depending on what needs to be done, it can potentially take a while to maintain your lawn and clean afterward. TrueClean will save you time and so you can focus on the things that truly matter in your life.
  • Options/Ideas for Landscaping: Knowing what you want for your landscaping is a part of the fun! Lawn care comes in all shapes and sizes and the options are almost limitless.
True Clean Packages


Landscaping Services

  • Decorative and Landscaping Rocks

    Decorative pebbles and rocks can add a unique color to your home or business without compromising on the beautiful desert landscape. We give suggestions on what would look best for your home or business based on our professional experience and we never leave until your outdoor space is as beautiful as you wanted.

  • Flagstone

    This lovely sheetrock can be used to spice up any front yard or backyard and allows for more texture variation. Widely used in the Tucson area, flagstone is the go-to material for many of our locals. We aid in making sure your stone is clean and presentable while also removing the pesky weeds that can grow around the base of the stone.

  • Soil

    Making sure you have the proper soil to facilitate the right growth of desert life is important in keeping up with a beautiful lawn. Different kinds of soils serve many different purposes and you don’t want to be using the incorrect kind. Choosing TrueClean is choosing a partner who is knowledgeable of the right materials for the proper outcomes.

  • Plants

    We help maintain the upkeep of your beautiful outdoor plants and can help make sure your lawn looks pristine at all times. Any home or business needs inviting landscaping and the right lawn care professionals will ensure that everyone’s first impression is a good one. Plants serve a higher purpose as they encourage a friendlier and more positive outlook on any home or business before they even walk through the door.

  • Trees
    Trees can be a hot commodity in the blazing heat or a nightmare for those who simply cannot keep up with constant shedding. TrueClean makes sure that your lawn will always meet HOA requirements and keep your home and business looking clean and tidy.

  • Grass/Turf

    As many know, although grass can grow well here in Tucson, the upkeep isn’t always the most successful. Many people are now opting for a cleaner and easier solution that still gives them the same look and feel of a grassy yard. Turf is a common replacement for the tedious upkeep of natural grass, but if you prefer natural options TrueClean will step up to the plate.

Hire TrueClean for Tucson Landscaping

Landscaping in the desert can be a difficult task. At TrueClean, we make it easy for you to keep your yard looking flawless.

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