Cleaning and


to Protect from COVID-19
A gloved hand wiping off a doorknob as part of the CDC recommendations for disinfection during the coronavirus outbreak

The recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has many people worried about how to keep themselves and their families safe. While it is important not to panic, it is beneficial to take some precautions to reduce your risk. The virus can remain on surfaces for anywhere from hours to days and while most infections occur due to direct contact, research is ongoing as to how the disease spreads. Cleaning and disinfecting your home is a simple step for prevention. 

Cleaning vs. Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are two separate processes and both are important for different reasons. Cleaning removes substances from a surface. This includes germs, dirt, and impurities. For example, scrubbing a countertop with soap is cleaning. Disinfection is actually killing the germs and is usually done after you have already cleaned the area. 

CDC Recommendations for Coronavirus Cleaning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommendations for households where someone already has or is suspected to have coronavirus. These provide a general idea of how you can best reduce your risk even if your household is not infected. 

These are the best practices for cleaning and disinfection:

  • Gloves: Wear gloves while you are cleaning and disinfecting and dispose of them after you are done. 
  • Clean with Soap and Warm Water: Before killing germs, you should clean any dirty surface with soap and water. Make sure to wipe it off before using any disinfectants.
  • Disinfectants: The CDC recommends using an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectant, diluted bleach (5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water), or 70% alcohol solution. Follow the instructions for any product you use and make sure you do not mix products as this can produce a harmful chemical reaction.
  • High-Touch Surfaces: You should clean and disinfect daily for any surfaces in your home that people touch frequently. Doorknobs, light switches, countertops, toilets, and sinks are good examples. 
  • Trash: Use gloves when removing trash and wash your hands afterward. 

Need Cleaning Services?

You may not have time to fully clean and disinfect your home on your own. It’s also common to feel overwhelmed with the process and unsure of where to start. Our cleaning team is here to help. We will fully clean and disinfect your home, focusing on frequently-touched surfaces and areas where germs are most likely to collect. 

We will also make sure your home looks great just as we would with any standard house cleaning. If you are planning to self-isolate or are working remotely, you may be spending more time at home than usual. Keeping your environment pristine can help lift your mood as well as helping you stay healthy. 

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