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TrueClean can improve the look of more than just homes. Our janitorial services keep your office or place of business spotless. A clean workplace improves productivity for your workers and makes a great impression on new and existing clients. However, cleaning alone can’t fix cracked, chipped, or faded interior or exterior walls. Paint your business in the best possible light with our commercial painting services.

How Commercial Painting is Different

Our painting company offers residential painting, but we know that there are often different requirements for your commercial property than there would be for your home. While both types of buildings should have a quality paint job, your business could have specific requirements for the color and type of paint. This can be because of your branding or because of requirements from your property manager. We are prepared to work with you and any other parties involved to ensure everything goes exactly right.

Superior Efficiency and Quality

We know that commercial painting jobs often have a strict schedule so you do not lose business by disturbing your clients or workers. Our team understands this and we are highly efficient. We will complete your job on time and will work with you to determine the best schedule for your interior or exterior painting.

In addition to efficiency, we strive to ensure the highest quality. A messy or uneven paint job can make a poor impression. As a result, we carefully protect areas you do not want painted to avoid any stray spots. We also apply multiple coats in different directions as necessary to achieve even coverage.

Different Commercial Painting Projects

Here are some of the types of commercial buildings that can benefit from our painting services:


When a restaurant looks poorly maintained, it can make people hesitant to eat there. This extends beyond cleanliness, and poor interior and exterior paint can make your food seem less appetizing. A fresh coat of paint gives your customers more confidence in the cleanliness of your restaurant and the quality of the meals you serve.

Medical Private Practices

When someone visits a medical private practice, they expect it to be sterile and clean. If they see cracked walls or chipped paint, it may make them less comfortable. Professional commercial painting is a must to put patients at ease.

Spas/Beauty Salons

Spas and beauty salons are places of relaxation and the right colored walls can even help promote a sense of tranquility. We can apply whichever color you would like to achieve the professional and calming look you desire.

Office Buildings

Employees tend to be more productive in well-maintained offices. In fact, choosing specific colors for your interior walls can even influence your workers’ wellbeing, creativity, and energy.

And Many More

No matter what type of business you own, TrueClean’s commercial painting services can help you.

Commercial Painting in Tucson, AZ

If you are looking for a painting company in Tucson, look no further than TrueClean. We are family owned and operated and are committed to delivering quality workmanship and beautiful results at a fair and transparent price. We can help your place of business make the right impression with new interior and/or exterior paint.

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