Choosing the Right Interior

Paint Colors

A couple comparing paint palettes to their wall after moving in to choose the right paint colors

A fresh coat of paint can give your home a beautiful new look and choosing the right interior paint colors can make a huge difference. The colors you use should match the decor, fit the type of room, and reflect the overall feel of your home. 

Here are some tips for choosing colors for your painting project:

Consider the Decor First

If you are repainting an existing room, start by thinking about colors that go well with your decor. You may choose to pick one dominant color from a piece of furniture, a piece of art on your wall, or another item that stands out. Matching paint to this color can create a bold and modern look. In other situations, you may want to pick more neutral tones, avoiding anything that clashes. 

If you are painting a room that is not yet furnished, you may want to consider working from a color scheme. This allows you to pick furniture, paint colors, and wall hangings that all work well together. You can find inspirational color palettes online on sites such as Pinterest to get you started. 

Use Complementary Paint Colors

It can sometimes be a good thing to change colors drastically between rooms to create contrast. However, a consistent look is ideal most of the time. Try varying colors slightly, going a bit darker or a bit lighter in different areas of your home. You might also choose a few colors that alternate depending on the room. If you do decide to make one room a different color scheme, keeping the other areas of your home similar will help this room stand out even more. 

Color Schemes for Different Rooms

Although there are no set rules for where certain paint colors look best, it can be helpful to think about each room in your house when choosing a color palette. 

Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms are often more playful and colorful than other rooms of the house. Calming pastels are popular paint colors for nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms. If you want to try something different, you can also add pops of bright color for accent walls. 

Adult Bedrooms

Bedrooms often use relaxing colors to help you unwind. Nature-inspired tones such as blue and green are often a good choice, as are neutral shades of beige or brown. 

Living Rooms

Since there is often a lot of decor in the living room, neutral colors tend to work best so it does not get too visually distracting. 

Dining Room/Kitchens

These rooms are often used daily and may be a place for entertaining guests. Warm, bright colors can make these spaces more inviting. 


Light colors often work well in bathrooms and shades of green, blue, and rosy pink can remind you of a calming spa. 

Once You’ve Chosen Your Paint Colors

After you’ve found the perfect colors, it is time to actually paint. This can be a time-consuming and physically-demanding task. Luckily, TrueClean can help. We offer exterior and interior house painting services so you can spend time doing what you love instead of worrying about your painting project. 

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