Natural House Cleaning Supplies Found in Your Home

Natural House Cleaning Supplies Found in Your Home

It’s not always easy to keep a clean home, and the modern selection of cleaning supplies and solutions is wider than ever. Standing in the cleaning products aisle at the supermarket can be kind of an overwhelming experience as a result! Which cleaners are the most effective? And perhaps even most importantly, which cleaners do the job without having harsh chemicals that can be potentially dangerous? Rather than taking time out of your busy life to carefully research the best things to buy, why not make use of common household materials that you likely have lying around already? You may be surprised to learn what sort of things you can use to make effective and natural cleaners for use around the home to go along with your typical hand soap and spray bottle. Here are three useful materials to keep in mind.


Vinegar the common household cooking ingredient, useful for everything from marinades to salad dressings, is also handy to have on hand for all sorts of different cleaning applications! As a relatively weak and safe acid, it’s a handy alternative to a wide variety of different chemicals that can be expensive. Vinegar, by comparison, is rather cheap to obtain, even in large quantities. There are quite a few useful applications for vinegar as a household cleaner. Greasy stovetops, or other pieces of cookware that have accumulated grease, can be handled quite well with vinegar. Applying it to the greasy surface and then allowing it to sit for a while will make it much easier to remove, simply use soapy water to leave the surface nice and clear. A 1:1 mixture of water to vinegar can also be handy to clean certain kitchen appliances, such as your coffee maker or food processor. Keep in mind however that vinegar, although useful, is not a miracle product. Acidic substances like vinegar do not necessarily react well to all surfaces and materials. For example, avoid using vinegar on ceramics, or granite countertops. If you aren’t quite sure, be sure to look it up first.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda (not baking powder), makes for another handy household substance that is quite useful. One usage for baking soda is as a natural abrasive that can enhance your scrubbing power without being overly rough on surfaces. Give baking soda on a damp sponge a shot when scrubbing down your bathroom, for example, using it on your tiles or shower curtains. After a good rinse, you’ll be impressed with the results. Baking soda is also useful as a deodorizing substance. An open container of baking soda placed in a musty fridge will help to absorb the unpleasant odors and leave the interior smelling much cleaner after a bit of time. One thing to note is that Baking Soda and Vinegar together is not actually particularly handy as a cleaning duo. As a basic substance, adding baking soda to vinegar for the most part simply ends up neutralizing it, leaving you with water and carbon dioxide gas. Not nearly as useful as the substances you started with.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical substance that is commonly found in first aid kits. It commonly serves as an antiseptic, though be warned, Hydrogen Peroxide is no longer recommended to be applied to cuts and scrapes as it can actually prolong healing time. That said, it’s still highly useful for quite a bit of different cleaning applications! Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to garments with stubborn or soon to be stubborn stains, like blood or wine. After it stops fizzing, dab it away with a cloth and repeat until the stain is gone. Another useful application is for disinfecting your kitchen cutting boards, or other kitchen surfaces that have been exposed to raw meats. This can help prevent the buildup of bacteria in places you might not have cleaned as thoroughly as you thought.

Even with these handy time and money saving tips for keeping your home clean, you may still find yourself too busy thanks to the difficulties of life. Or perhaps you’re looking to give your home a real thorough deep cleaning, perhaps because you’re hoping to host a party, and are looking to have the touch of an expert? If either is the case, give us here at True Clean a call. Our experts are sure to leave your home feeling like new. You can also be assured that the cleaning supplies that we use are safe and natural, leaving you with truly nothing to worry about.