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If your garage is looking old and cluttered, it may be time for a garage restoration. Gone are the days of spending hours cleaning your garage. Improving the look and feel of your garage is just a phone call away. A garage cleaning will transform your garage into a space you will be proud to show off. TrueClean provides garage organization, restoration, and cleaning. With our wide variety of services, your garage will look the best it ever has.

Keeping your garage organized and clean will help you be more productive. You may feel like your garage is cluttered with junk, or maybe old paint and worn flooring create an uninviting space. You might be in need of a garage makeover! After a garage restoration by TrueClean, your garage will be an area where you actually want to spend time. When guests come over, you’ll want to showcase your garage instead of using it to hide your old, unused items.

Garage restoration services not only make your garage look better, but could also make you more productive. If you use your garage for hobbies, well-organized garage storage and tool storage will make your life easier. However, the process of garage organization can be time-consuming. Let TrueClean do the hard work for you! With a cleaner garage, you will be able to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Your garage is also where you keep one of the most expensive items you own—your car. You don’t want your car surrounded by clutter and grime. If your car’s surroundings look better, your car itself will look better as well. A garage cleaning also reduces the chances that your car will be accidentally scratched or dented by the junk stored in your garage.

By using multiple tactics for garage restoration, TrueClean ensures that every inch of your garage looks brand new. Some of these garage organization services include:

  • Sanding, texturing and painting your walls
  • Installing garage floor epoxy for a luxurious finish
  • Storage solutions to increase the space in your garage
  • Cleaning garage doors
  • Junk removal to free up floor space

Anyone of these tasks can be overwhelming for a homeowner, let alone all of them combined. At TrueClean, we are committed to making your life easier by completing all your garage restoration tasks for you. We treat each part of the process with care. With our detail-oriented approach, we make your life easy. We handle everything from large-scale junk removal to garage storage ideas.

One of the most important tasks that TrueClean can offer for your garage restoration is the addition of epoxy flooring. Garage floor epoxy is a fantastic solution to make your garage floors more durable. Regular concrete flooring is vulnerable to wear and tear. Epoxy flooring, however, gives your garage floor a protective top coat so it looks better for longer.  It is an investment that pays off long term, as your garage floor will require fewer repairs after we add garage floor epoxy. Epoxy flooring also has a shiny surface that makes your garage look professional and high quality.

Epoxy floor coatings can be customized depending on your specific needs and can be modified for residential or industrial garages. This unique coating system makes your garage more functional and more beautiful. Epoxy flooring can also provide more traction, which is yet another benefit to this aspect of garage restoration. At TrueClean, we use the finest quality epoxy flooring products for your garage restoration. If you are looking for a modification to give your garage a new life, epoxy flooring is a great option.

We know that each home, and each homeowner, is unique. You may need a full-scale garage restoration, or you may only need a few touch-ups. No matter what type of job you need to be finished, we will cater to your needs. Garage organization doesn’t have to be another stressor in your busy life and your garage no longer has to be the black hole of your home. Contact TrueClean, and let us know how we can help you make your garage exactly what you want it to be.

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